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Cornered by WinterHeath Cornered :iconwinterheath:WinterHeath 188 41
Mikey: The Lifegiver, The Heart, The Light
Part One: Mikey, The Lifegiver
Mikey is oxygen. Oxygen: the right amount lets you live and by extent do all the best things. Too much and you are smothered, you are overloaded, you beg it to stop. Too little and you're choking, gasping, dying, suddenly wishing you had lived just a little more. That's Mikey.
Raph is fire. Mikey fuels him. Mikey soothes him. It's really hard to have one without the other. Raph will consume Mikey's overload. Mikey will absorb Raph's fury in a sweeping embrace. They will collapse in a tangle of snapping and growling and laughter. Mikey's powerful insight into Raph's emotions maintain stability and health.
Don is earth. He is steady and waiting, quietly absorbed in his work until Mikey reminds him of the need for chemical fuel and how the air whispering through the trees can make the world dance. Mikey already knows his brother's brain because he is the other side of the coin. Their minds blend well, between logical and creative.
Leo is water. He is steady
:iconbrightlotusmoon:BrightLotusMoon 5 9
Living Together part 1
Title:  Living together
Pairing Leo/Raph
Rating: M/18 (Don’t make me ask for your ID)
Contains: Angst, T-cest, mature content, feels (if you no like, don’t read)
By: Ryu-Amio (I own no turtles)
There has been a break in our usual routine.
Where Master Splinter would always stir us from our morning slumber, lately the mornings have been quiet. Our Sensei is still here, but he seemed to be preparing for some big training exercise, much to my brothers' dismay.
Our suspicions came to a head last night when we all convened in the kitchen to share theories. A secret mission, endurance training, a treasure hunt, each theory presented and then shot down. In the end we just let it go and resigned to finding out when Master is ready to tell us.
This morning, for the first time in maybe a week, we were asked to gather in the dojo at the crack of dawn.
I was here early, and Raph soon joined taking a seat b
:iconryu-amio:Ryu-Amio 14 19
Guilty-pleasure Pg025 by yukarishii Guilty-pleasure Pg025 :iconyukarishii:yukarishii 6 4 TMNT-Princess Pidgeon Raph by Neko-mirichan TMNT-Princess Pidgeon Raph :iconneko-mirichan:Neko-mirichan 168 52
Coping Like Drowning Slowly
A/N: You can thank the marvelous Cynicalspring for inspiring this dark little piece! I got the plot bunny in my head when I read her story, Break, which is similar but takes a very different turn. Check out all her stories sometime, they're definitely dark - just so you can't say I didn't warn you! Set in the 2012 universe but not canon, obviously. RATED T for language and some violence.
I had to get this down. It is a tragic story, so keep those tissues handy.
Coping Like Drowning Slowly
Mikey pulled the box down from the closet, ducking as several winter hats and one glove rained down on his head. He used his foot to kick the items deeper into the closet and shut the door with one hip as he swiveled around. He moved into the living room where Raph was flipping through a magazine with race cars on the cover and Leo was concentrating on memorizing passages out of his favorite book, The Art of War. Splinter was alr
:iconsleepingseeker:Sleepingseeker 16 20
Group by Mahara-Fushiki Group :iconmahara-fushiki:Mahara-Fushiki 4 0
Mature content
One Turtle's Trash Part 2 :icontarin2014tfan:Tarin2014tfan 2 0
Family by SakyCchan Family :iconsakycchan:SakyCchan 349 44 Leorio x Kurapika by H8ARO Leorio x Kurapika :iconh8aro:H8ARO 75 13
Safe and Sound
Life had a strange way of reminding you that things could always be worse Mikey conceded. You’d think being number one on the hit list of every bad guy in town, forced to live in a sewer and being a talking mutant turtle would be enough.
Feeling the body lying next to him begin to twitch and shake he readied himself for the full blown convulsions which were to follow. Helplessly he could only whisper words of comfort to the tormented soul next to him; the repeated experience had taught him any more would do more harm than good.
Yes life had a funny way of showing you things could always be worse.
After all the villains they had faced and hair raising experiences they had been through, they had never thought that the Purple Dragons of all people would be the ones to bring down one of their own.
After being in a coma for a month Donatello’s family waited with baited breath for the day he would wake. Standing vigil over their fallen brother/son as he lay in his lab that had be
:icontmntlover78:TMNTlover78 8 12
Character Design Challenge Pt 2 by 20yrsy Character Design Challenge Pt 2 :icon20yrsy:20yrsy 31 11 Stop being so grumpy by Fantazy-Mad Stop being so grumpy :iconfantazy-mad:Fantazy-Mad 54 38 Comm - V-Day - Ehlza and Vin by serenadefox Comm - V-Day - Ehlza and Vin :iconserenadefox:serenadefox 18 8 How gross! by MsObscure How gross! :iconmsobscure:MsObscure 169 44 sex face meme by Rcaptain
Mature content
sex face meme :iconrcaptain:Rcaptain 269 55
i lost grip of my life for a while and am now trying to slowly work myself back into control
i've tried contacting all the people i took commissions from, but i'm pretty sure i've forgotten some
so, if you've asked a commission of me and i haven't contacted you this last week, do give me a nudge, please :)


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if i see things improve, i will return them.
if not. not.

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I do commissions (PM me for details)
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Current Residence: germany
Favourite genre of music: bit of this and that, from metal, to mediaval to techno
Favourite style of art: Manga-style, Jugendstil/Art deco/Art Nuveau
Operating System: Win 7
MP3 player of choice: Media Player Classic
Wallpaper of choice: Invader Zim
Favourite cartoon character: too many....

Snail Diary

So, i was worried my snails weren't eating enough, since they're leaving their food (currently it's basil leaves, banana slices and cucumber) mostly untouched.

this morning i discovered they don't seem to suffer from hunger
they've just chosen to feast on one of the ferns i planted in their terrarium XD
so, i THINK i don't have to worry about them being hungry.
i also think i might need to watch the fern and replace it when they've eaten it all.

3 leopard gecko girl namess 

12 deviants said twix skittles and chashew
12 deviants said mango lychee and papaya
10 deviants said lemon raisin and mango
9 deviants said walnut donut and peanut
8 deviants said kiwi lychee and grapes
7 deviants said assam chai and ceylon
3 deviants said wantan dimsum and kimchi
3 deviants said other (please comment)
2 deviants said nugget quiche and teriyaki
2 deviants said bagel gnocchi and pancake


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Nice tmnt art
dondena Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I finally got my baby gecko. Not sure of gender yet. Naming it Mako, not like the shark, the name just came to me.
Blackdragon-sama Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
is it a leo or a crestie?
mako only reminds me of mako mori from pacific rim <3
dondena Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
A leopard.
Blackdragon-sama Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
what color is it?
how old?
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Mahara-Fushiki Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist…

Follow the link and check out my gallery, I made these as a gift for you, i'd heard you'd been feeling a little down in the mouth, so I decided to do something nice for you and make Sonic-style characters based on your babies

Enjoy ^___^
Blackdragon-sama Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm so sorry i'm so late with replying!
thank you soooo much for these adorable babies!!!
lookit these cuties!!
they definitely cheered me up!!

awww 8DDDD!
Mahara-Fushiki Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome, I posted on your Tumblr as well cuz..........well........knowing Tumblr my original post is lost in the sea of my reblogs :/

and don't worry about the late reply, life happens, so long as you got to see them
Tarin2014tfan Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2016
Thanks for the favorite.
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Blackdragon-sama be like;

Blackdragon-Sama be like XD by RassbedashTMNT  
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